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A Writer’s Journey, my new resource to help writers, independent “indie” publishers and self-publishers and readers find your way universe of publishing. Like our own starry cosmos, it is expanding at warp speed toward an immense, unknown ultimate size and population. I ‘m basing this column on my own  journey, that of my fellow writers and collaborators and anyone else who has something to contribute to this complex story . In this chapter, we’ll explore ways to identify your work with a particular genre, market and audience.

Genre and platform in nonfiction

What genre, that is, kind of writing, do you want to create? In my own case, It was easy to identify my genre. I have to admit I stumbled into this writing world as the son of two writers. My father was an advertising man and World War II Marine, who created promotional concepts and advertising copy for a living and scooped the big news of World War II’s ending with Japan’s surrender from his Guam radio station outpost. My mother,a news feature writer, wrote heartfelt and humorous newspaper columns on interesting musical personalities. You might say I was born into my second career, that of a writer. Each of them attempted creative writing in their day and left hundreds of wartime letters, essays and humorous commentary on their lives. These formed a natural entrée for me into writing their humorous biographies: Ben’s War with the U. S. Marines and Radio: One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces.

If you’re a psychologist and want to share your knowledge to help people improve their lives, you might want to write a nonfiction, self-help book. You may have professional status, such as an advanced degree, a professional license or recognition by a professional society, which qualifies you to write about it . This professional standing in your field is called a “platform,” which can develop into recognition by the general public as an expert. Such status can lead to a public following, another aspect of your author platform.

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